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Hey there! June is Bride Month.

If you receive my newsletter, LETTERS from Linda, then you know what do to.

Good luck!

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Linda Joyce was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, yet she calls New Orleans home. Though she grew up traipsing across the United States from one Air Force base to the next, add in a four-year tour of Japan, she always returns to New Orleans to recharge and reconnect with her roots. However, people often give her odd looks when she explains she’s Irish-Cajun-Japanese. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Management, she worked as a Litigation Manager at an insurance company. While living in Kansas, she left corporate America and is now an award-winning writer under contract for her first novel. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three dogs: General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir. Linda loves the game of Six Degrees of Separation and loves connecting with people. She always seeks to discover if she may have crossed paths with them before.

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  1. Posted by Joye Isley Reply

    The Mother of the Bride better have these things in her purse
    safety pins
    dental floss (many uses other than for teeth)
    a needle and thread
    duct tape

  2. Posted by Jean Hedrick Reply

    Kleenex, aspirin, change of shoes, valium or Prozac(lol), CHOCOLATE

  3. Posted by Yvonne Cruz Reply

    Things the MOB should have in her purse.
    Safety pins
    needle and thread with the color of the dress
    crazy glue πŸ™‚

  4. Posted by Pat Wilson Reply

    What a fu Newsletter & your books are great too.

  5. Posted by gina blades Reply

    Hello! I get your newsletter.

  6. Posted by Debbi Shaw Reply

    cough drops

  7. Posted by Burma Turner Reply

    Tissues, camera, make-up, phone and a hair brush πŸ™‚

  8. Posted by Melissa Dawdy Reply

    Booze, tape for over the mouth, needle and thread (because something always rips), and tissues (you know, for, ahem, allergies)

  9. Posted by Linda Bogash Reply

    Mother-of-the-Bride should have in her purse makeup, hair brush, money, credit card and tissues.

  10. Posted by Heather Quarnstrom Reply

    Must have items for a Mother of the Bride purse: A LOT of tissues (for all the happy tears, and some extras for those other people,) assorted makeup (in case bride needs anything, and to reapply after happy tears,) mini sewing kit, duct tape (good for almost any random emergency,) and double sided fashion tape (to keep everything in the dress that’s supposed to be in the dress.)

  11. Posted by Angel Reply

    Shout wipes, safety pins, Kleenex, lip gloss and camera

  12. Posted by Brooke Landry Reply

    -A generous checkbook!
    -Bridal Magazines
    -A calendar with lots of free space!
    -A camera to catch all the memorable moments
    -Jewelry to hand down to her daughter

  13. Posted by Tia Reply

    I believe mints, blotting paper for oily skin, lip moisturizer, a small package of tissue, and a small bottle of lotion will do the trick.

  14. Posted by Linda Rimer-Como Reply

    The mother of the bride would need tissues, needle and thread, bandaids, aspirin and mints

  15. Posted by CHERYL DEMONT Reply

    5 things a mom needs:
    Tissue, mascara, lipstick, hairbrush, and Bobby pins.

  16. Posted by Jackie Wisherd Reply

    A lace hanky, aspirin, a cell phone,coins, and a roll of hard candies for when her mouth gets dry.

  17. Posted by Beverly Laude Reply

    Lots of tissues or hankies! Maybe aspirin, mints or hard candies

  18. Posted by Christina Morgan Reply

    The mother of the bride would need the following:
    Tissues, a mini first-aid kit, safety pins, candy to keep kids quiet, and a bottle of water.

  19. Posted by Catherine Lemanski Reply

    The mother of the bride will need lots of tissues, mascara to fix her makeup after crying, mints , safety pins, and scotch tape.

  20. Posted by Roxy Reply

    The mother of the bride should have tissues, lipstick for touch ups, safety pins, cell phone, and a pen.

  21. Posted by Rhiannon Rowland Reply

    A Mother of the Bride would need tissues or a hankie, lipstick, tylenol, a sewing kit and mints.

  22. Posted by Jen C Reply

    Mother of the bride needs? Here is my top five: (1) Tissues (lots). (2) Handi-wipes or similar. (3) Forget needle and thread and go with a good double-stick tape meant for clothing. So much faster and you won’t need to have scissors or risk getting lipstick on someone’s clothes trying to cut with your teeth. (4) collapsible umbrella. Not just for rainy days. When it’s hot and sunny outside while you’re waiting…waiting…waiting…it’s a great way to shade yourself. (5) bottle of water. Seriously. stay hydrated!

  23. Posted by Sandy McMahon Reply

    Mother of the bride will need:
    Extra Nylons/Panty Hose for Bride
    Sewing kit

  24. Posted by Pamk Reply

    The mother of the bride needs tissues. Candy/mints, aspirin, powder, and a brush

  25. Posted by Lesa Neace Reply

    Tissues, mints, aspirin, keys and camera.

  26. Posted by Jayme Smith Reply

    Needle and thread
    Aspirin or Tylenol
    Cell phone (for pictures only)

  27. Posted by catherine tremble Reply

    I know everything a Mother of the bride would need, my daughter is getting married in October, so I’m ready!…???
    A picture of her dad would died, so he could be there.
    Walking shoes as I’m walking her down the aisle, dancing shoes because I have the pleasure of doing the father daughter dance.
    A special pair of earrings her grandmother gave me to give to her on her wedding day.
    A written copy of the toast I hope to get thru.
    Last but not least a ton of tissues because the song we will be dancing to is Carrie Underwood’s ” Mamas Song”

  28. Posted by Brina Cary Reply

    My mother of the bride would need a Halloween costume, a bottle of wine, tennis shoes (for running out of the Vegas chapel), a tennis ball for my 183 pound pup, and a basket for the wedding envelopes (Catholic envelope gifts of money).

    I was married in a chapel in Vegas in February while wearing a Halloween costume. My Dear Sainted Mother (still living, thank goodness) still won’t let me living it down. πŸ™‚

  29. Posted by Yaritza Santana Reply

    She would need tissues, waterproof mascara, Lipstick, camera, chocolate.

  30. Posted by Cynthia St. Germain Reply

    She would need tissues, lipstick, camera, aspirin, and a small sewing kit just in case.

  31. Posted by Amy Reply

    Tissues, gum, lip stuff, ibuprofen, antacids!

  32. Posted by Cassie Darr Reply

    Several pocket packs of cleanex, ibuprofen, makeup repair kit, travel sewing kit and a hair repair kit. I usually have all but the travel sewing kit, but imagine the possible wardrobe calamities that can and do take place at weddings!

  33. Posted by Kathy Church Reply

    Tissues, Valium, a flask full of her favorite cocktail, breath mints and bandaida.

  34. Posted by jennifer beck Reply

    ok tissues , needle/thread, something for pain, mints, and lipstick.

  35. Posted by Katrina Dehart Reply

    The mother of the bride needs:
    Safety pins

  36. Posted by Dora Wilson Reply

    Tissues, a lacy hankie, aspirin Advil and Tylenol, mints
    Cell phone, bandaids,a needle and thread,safety pins
    Some cash, her credit cards, some lavender oil
    And just in case a flask filled with her favorite

  37. Posted by Courtney Kinder Reply

    The mother of the bride would need
    Sewing kit
    Stain remover
    Lip gloss

  38. Posted by Jo Ann Hunter Reply

    Tissues, lipstick, powder, hairbrush

  39. Posted by Tonja Reply

    Mother of the bride will need tissues, bobby pins, safety pins, clear nail polish, lipstick and comfy shoes for the reception.

  40. Posted by Kim Reid Reply

    I think the necessities needed would be lipstick, waterproof mascara, peppermint candy, phone and lots of Kleenex!

  41. Posted by vickie dailey Reply

    I believe she would need a hanky, wardrobe tape, a tide to go pen, cough drops and a fifth of gin

  42. Posted by Angela Reply

    The M-o-B needs tissues for tears, mints (to cover F-o-B’s alcoholic breath), concealer ( also for tears- not just hers, but Brand’s too), Bobbie pins (for before the wedding bridal melt- down of bride), and last but not least lipstick in the perfect shade to redirect attention from her tears to her gloriously proud smile for the pictires!

  43. Posted by Rachael Clemons Reply

    Every mother of the bride would need
    1. Tissues
    2. Makeup
    3. Mirror
    4. Canada
    5. Phone

    • Posted by Rachael Clemons Reply

      I meant camera not Canada sorry spell check messed it up

  44. Posted by Nancy Luebke Reply

    She will need a hankerchief, safety pins, a credit card, extra cash, a needle and thread and extra patience. It wouldn’t hurt to have some touch up makeup too. I needed our checkbook too. Even though we only had boys, there are still a 101 things to do at the last minute.

  45. Posted by Jeana K. Reply

    The mother of the bride would need:
    Mini First aid kit complete with ibuprofen,band aids Etc.
    Bobby pins and comb
    Make-up bag for touch ups for self and the bride
    Sewing Kit

  46. Posted by Margaret Appel Reply

    Every mother of the bride is going to need tissues, a lipstick, a mirror, her hairbrush, and breath mints.

  47. Posted by Michele H. Reply

    She would need tissues, mint, mirror, lipstick and hairspray

  48. Posted by Carole Swinford Reply

    The mother of the bride will need tissues, tissues, and more tissues. She will also need safety pins, hair pins, extra pair of panty hose, and lipstick.

  49. Posted by Laurie Gommermann Reply

    I’ve been the mother of the bride once and the mother of the groom twice. All I needed was Chapstick, a camera and sandals.

  50. Posted by Lisa Reply

    She will need eyeliner, mascara, tissue, Xanax and WINE.

  51. Posted by Laurie Wade Reply

    1) A bridal emergency kit with safety pins, aspirin, Benadryl, Imodium, and tissue
    2) Fabric scissors
    3) a disposable razor in case a member of the bridal party has forgotten to shave her armpits
    4) Shout wipes
    5) something BLUE, OLD, NEW, and something BORROWED

  52. Posted by Joye Isley Reply

    she would need
    safety pins
    duct tape
    dental floss
    needle and thread
    a small bottle of wine

  53. Posted by Wendy Stittiam Reply

    The mother of the bride would need 1)
    1) Tissues
    3)Sewing Kit
    4)Breath management materials
    5) Stain removal stick

  54. Posted by Diana M Tidlund Reply

    Tissues, cell phone for pictures, safety pins, mints and bobby pins

  55. Posted by Mary Ceaser Reply

    The mother of the bride will need tissues, money, aspirin, camera and patience.

  56. Posted by Michelle VanDaley Reply

    Tissues, lipstick, aspirin, breath mints, safety pins – Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  57. Posted by Cassie Reply

    Definitely tissues! Lip balm, deodorant, gum or mints, phone for instant picture posting πŸ™‚

  58. Posted by Shirley Cochran Reply

    First–many, many tissues! Other items should be lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, safety pins, hairpins, notepad (in case of needing to write notes, etc.) anti-acids, aspirin or ibuprofen, or both. My husband says I carry everything but the kitchen sink and a Mother of the Bride might even need that!

  59. Posted by Martina Arguijo Reply

    She needs:
    1. Tissues for crying
    2. Make up for touch up
    3. A fan if feeling over heated
    4. Some liquid courage/a few quiet ones
    5. A knife/scissors you would be surprised when and how often you would need one lol

  60. Posted by Jo Ann Reinhold Reply

    Well, I needed tissues and failed to remember them….and so did my wing woman…the other thing I really needed was band-aids for the blisters the shoes I finally found two nights before the wedding put on my feet….yes, I spent the reception barefooted…..the other thing I needed was my camera that I left on the kitchen table at home…towelettes to wipe the ruined mascara off my face so I didn’t have the raccoon eyes that I later saw in pictures…..Oh, maybe my flip flops so I had something on my feet and didn’t go barefoot all night….

  61. Posted by Jan Tidwell Reply

    The mother of the bride will need: tissues, camera, lip stick, mascara, and a flask of alcohol.

  62. Posted by Laura G Reply

    Mama needs
    1. tissues
    2. mints
    3. safety pins
    4. bobby pins
    5. bandaids

  63. Posted by Christina Riggs Reply

    Tissue, compact, lipstick, camera, phone.

  64. Posted by Gail Lindsey Reply

    I think every mother of the bride needs: lots of tissues, lipstick, comb, mints and a safety pin

  65. Posted by jodi kegebein Reply

    The mother of the bride should have tissues, stain remover wipes, first aid kit, safety pins and hairpins.

  66. Posted by adriana Reply

    tylenol,cough drops,brush,lipsticks,camera,tissues,sewing kit.

  67. Posted by Dianne Casey Reply

    The Mother of the bride ahould have in her purse:
    Small travel size sewing kit
    Makeup for touch ups (sample sizes)
    Comfy shoes for the reception

  68. Posted by patty Reply

    Lip gloss
    Pictures of my baby girl

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