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Bayou Beckons
Bayou Beckons

AND: Bayou Beckons received an award.




Contemporary Women’s Fiction Best of 2015

from Authors on the Air Global Radio Network – I’m thrill about the award and very grateful to Authors on the Air for this recognition of my work.

SunFlowersAlso, Her Heart’s Desire is now available in Large Print for friends and loved ones that love to read, but need a bit of help.



More About Bayou Beckons ~

Please meet Jared Richardson:

Swinging his legs around and planting his feet on the ground, Jared sat up. The cool cement floor didn’t cool his ardor. He raked his fingers through his hair. Any thought of Camilla and his gut churned with a deep gnawing ache, something Tums or Rolaids couldn’t cure.

Please meet Camilla Lind:

Camilla wished for a day better than yesterday. One that included a few moments with Jared. A private good-bye to a man who gave her the gift of making her feel feminine and ladylike. Yet her resolve to look but never touch tightened like a cinching rope around her heart. There could be no more kisses. She had to remain strong. In her mind, a crack of a whip flicked near her ear as a warning—do not kiss the man again, let alone think of hokey-pokey or hanky-panky with him, ever!

The Buzz:

Linda Joyce delivers another compelling story of second chances that will have you heeding the Bayou’s Beckoning. ~ Melissa Klein, author of Her Hometown Hero

Linda Joyce is the master of emotional impact and epic storytelling. ~ Kathy L Wheeler, author of Color of Betrayal

 A raging storm has nothing on the steamy and fierce passion of Nick and Biloxi. Linda Joyce is the new author to watch! ~ Kathy L Wheeler, author of The Color of Betrayal

 As if the bayou needed more heat and steam! Step aside Shakespeare. Linda Joyce adds southern charm, and a much happier ending, to this modern day Romeo and Juliet. ~ Claire Croxton, author of Santorini Sunset


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