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Have you taken a trip to the bayou yet? It’s nice and warm there.

The second book in my Fleur de Lis series, BAYOU BOUND, is now available for the Kindle only. The world-wide release, including the print version happens on May 28. What’s new in Bayou Petite? Take a peek at BAYOU BOUND.

Bayou Born

Biloxi Dutrey grounds her jet-setting photography career and returns to Mississippi when she learns her family home, Fleur De Lis, is headed for financial ruin. She plans to save it by scooping up the job of Keeper. But that means breaking tradition, and her family isn't cooperating.

Veterinarian Nick Trahan is new in town and wants folks to stop matchmaking. He won't settle for just a pretty face. He wants the perfect woman, one who believes in family and commitment—the exact opposite of his parents.

Nick rescues Biloxi during a raging storm, but the squall is tame compared to the tempest between them. Soon they experience the backlash from the long-standing feud between their families. If Biloxi surrenders her dreams for Fleur de Lis and toes the line with tradition, will she also be forced to give up on "forever love" due to the hate their families still harbor?

Send me an email and let me know how you enjoyed meeting Biloxi and Nick. Or post a note on my Facebook Author page at LindaJoyceAuthor. And, look for me on Twitter @LJWriter.

Monthly, I write a short story for Hidden Desires Romance magazine. The magazine is online and free. Click on the link and you’ll find me between the pages there.

The first book... BAYOU BORN
Bayou Bound
Branna Lind's self-esteem rests at the bottom of the Mississippi River. She canceled her "wedding of the decade," though she isn't saying why. She wants life on her own terms: no ready-made job in the family business, no safety net of close-knit kin, and no more betrayal.

College professor James Newbern prizes his bachelorhood. Experience has taught him beautiful women are high-maintenance trouble and Branna fits that type. He is happy to avoid her until the college vice president assigns him to mentor the newest hireóBranna.

Branna is on her way to a new life, but will the scars of the past send her running from love? Even if she stands her ground, can she convince James that she truly is his "type"?


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