Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask

Former model Chalise Boudreau returns to Louisiana after ten years and faces an uncertain future. She’s budget conscious, living with her mother, and about to open a luxury salon. But she fears the community sees her homecoming as a failing, and she knows any malicious gossip will jeopardize her success.

Once bad-boy, now entrepreneur Chaz Riboucheaux is home and trying to rebuild his old reputation. He believes one of his companies, the Magnolia May, a pirate ship, can make Ascension a tourist destination, but the mayor refuses to grant him a lease at the city’s dock.

Chalise and Chaz come face to face at a Twelfth Night party. Years ago, misunderstanding and lies left them both brokenhearted. Now, as Chaz leads her across the dance floor, he knows when the music stops it won’t be the end of their waltz. They each have questions only the other can answer. Neither will stop until they get what they want. But is that “want” love?

Praise for Behind The Mask

“A true southern experience, Cajun style!”
~Kathy L Wheeler, author of Color of Betrayal

GENRE:  Contemporary Women’s Romance


What My Readers Are Saying

Sensational!! Sizzling!! Fascinating!! You will get to tour Ascension, Louisiana plus learn what happens behind the scenes of the Mardi Gras celebration. Vivid description of the ball gowns and costumes, floats the Magnolia May, pirate ship in the harbor makes you feel right in the midst of things. The using of the Louisiana dialogue helps spice the story.”

The story-line and the characters were wonderful. I was up half the night to finish so I could see if these two stubborn independent people would just talk things out and get together. Never a dull moment. Had me on the edge of my seat and giggling out loud. Loved this book. It earned the five stars I gave it. Linda Joyce did it again

“Intriguing story. This fast-moving romance is set in New Orleans amongst a backdrop of Mardi Gras celebrations. In addition to including all the flavor and traditions of the area, the story-line held me captive from start to finish. Loved the two main characters Chaz and Chalise.