November Newsletter and a Coach Purse

NOVEMBER Newsletter and A Coach Purse 



Release BLITZ for BRANNA: Fleur de Lis Brides Book 1 

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 7th.

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Perfectionistic Branna Lind has found true love with James Newbern, but the winds of Hurricane Katrina have pushed their wedding date into an uncertain future. She can’t wait on Fleur de Lis to be restored to marry James. They need to wed pronto, before she reveals news sure to shock her family.

James is determined to protect Branna. Since their engagement, his gun toting ex-fiancée has been dipping into crazy. He’s certain she’ll settle down after the wedding, but when she steals Branna’s heirloom pearls—her something old for the wedding—James takes matters into his own hands. And despite Branna’s ranting, he’s not agreeing to a quickie Vegas wedding. His fiancée will be a Fleur de Lis bride, just as tradition dictates. Or he’ll die trying.

The path to “I do” is more challenging than Branna and James ever imagined, but they’re determined to get their happily ever after.


Join the Facebook Party — Click HERE to join. 7:00 – 9:00 pm Eastern Time. December 7th.

Here’s the list of authors:

Linda Joyce               7:00
Melissa Klein             7:15
Diane B. Jones          7:30
Alicia Dean               7:45
Lori Leger                  8:00
Taylor Anne               8:15
Mary Morgan            8:30
Linda Joyce                8:45


There will be a COVER REVEAL and RELEASE BLITZ for Christmas Bells on December 1st. swarovski-christmas-bell-ornament-small-5223276-w360

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The crystal bell has significance in the story. You won’t want to miss meeting Morgan and Alex:

After grieving the loss of her husband and son, TV host Morgan Marshall is ready to embrace life again. But she won’t risk a relationship with the father of her favorite cooking student, Avery, since the girl’s happiness is more important than her own.

Advertising executive Alex Blake never thought another woman could pique his interest after losing his wife to pneumonia, a complication of her cancer. Yet every time he’s in Morgan’s presence, she brings sunlight into the room. Plus, she’s a role model for his daughter, always assuring Avery that dyslexia can’t hold her back. But if he asks Morgan for a date and then she refuses a second one, the person he loves the most, Avery, could get hurt the worst because she adores Morgan.

When Alex is injured in a fall, Morgan insists on caring for him and Avery. As they share holiday fun, Avery topples Morgan’s beloved crystal bell collection, shattering it to pieces. Through it all, they discover love of one another is more priceless than any object money can buy. Love rings in the air at Christmastime.


Now for the NOVEMBER Newsletter and a COACH PURSE



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The winner will be announced in the December Newsletter on December 6th.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce



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Linda Joyce was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, yet she calls New Orleans home. Though she grew up traipsing across the United States from one Air Force base to the next, add in a four-year tour of Japan, she always returns to New Orleans to recharge and reconnect with her roots. However, people often give her odd looks when she explains she’s Irish-Cajun-Japanese. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Management, she worked as a Litigation Manager at an insurance company. While living in Kansas, she left corporate America and is now an award-winning writer under contract for her first novel. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three dogs: General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir. Linda loves the game of Six Degrees of Separation and loves connecting with people. She always seeks to discover if she may have crossed paths with them before.

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  1. Posted by Lori R Reply

    I love books because they are fun to escape into the stories

  2. Posted by Vicki Hancock Reply

    I love books because I can’t afford to travel but in books I can “see” the world. Also am disabled so not a lot I can do although I have been a big reader long before I was disabled! Thank you for the chance!

  3. Posted by Rachael Clemons Reply

    I love books because they take you to another world. We can get away from reality for awhile. Subscribed and entered

  4. Posted by Shirley Burnett Reply

    Wonderful book and a great Coach purse giveaway – treasures!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply

      Hey there, Shirley!
      How are you?
      Please let me know what you LOVE about Books.

  5. Posted by Connie Fischer Reply

    Hi, Linda!

    Thanks for you wonderful giveaway of that gorgeous rose pink Coach purse. That is a favorite color of mine and I would be thrilled to own it!

    Thanks for your generosity to your readers.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply

      Hi! Will you tell me what you LOVE about Books?

  6. Posted by Barbara Hackel Reply

    Hi Linda!
    Have I mentioned how much I like the “new” design for your newsletter? Every time I open it I smile and think of the magnolia trees in full bloom. 🙂
    Christmas Bells sounds wonderful…can’t wait to read it. I am looking forward to all the new releases and getting my Bayou fix.
    Love the Coach purse! It matches the outsides of those magnolia blooms!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply

      Hey there! I’ll be sending out a special email to all the SUPERSTAR newsletter readers–a first peek at Christmas Bells and BILOXI: Fleur de Lis Brides Book 2. Stay tuned.

      Thank you so much for your continued support. It means sooo much.

  7. Posted by Beverly Laude Reply

    I have loved books for as long as I can remember! Great escapes, learning, entertainment

  8. Posted by Janice Santillo Reply

    I’ve loved books ever since I could read. I was a very shy, quiet child and reading helped me feel more connected and helped me to not feel so out of place. To this day i continue to read books on a daily basis.

  9. Posted by Janiec Reply

    Looking forward to the upcoming releases. Reading relaxes me and when I need to escape from the real world, books can provide that.

  10. Posted by Jane Reply

    Love the Coach purse and looking forward to partying with you on FB in December.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply

      Hi! Tell my why you love books. 🙂

  11. Posted by Linda Rimer-Como Reply

    I have always loved reading, it takes me away for just a little while.

  12. Posted by Darla Reply

    They’re an entertainment that doesn’t entail moving the slightest bit. And you can get lost into another world or time.

  13. Posted by vera mallard Reply

    Oh my, why do I love books. Escape and entertainment are the best two reasons for me. Some people love to watch tv, I would have a good book to read. I love entering another world through the prose of a talented author whether it is romance or horror, mystery or paranormal. Doesn’t matter the genre, as the book is good. Oh my a coach purse, oh my a coach purse, did you hear me say, oh my a coach purse. Next to reading one of my favorite things.

  14. Posted by Audrey griffis Reply

    It helps me relax at night and I love reading thanks for the chance

  15. Posted by Joye Reply

    I have always loved reading. It seems I always learn something from reading a book whether it is a historical fact, another culture, foodstuffs of different areas and on and on. I like to read books that make me think and who linger long after the last page.

  16. Posted by H Dee Swan Reply

    I love to read! Love the escape from reality!!! It’s my stress reliever! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Posted by Jackie Wisherd Reply

    I like to read books because they take me to places I’ve never been and inteoduce me to personalities I might not have otherwise known.

  18. Posted by LINDA B Reply


  19. Posted by peggy clayton Reply

    Just love your books and am so happy that we have connected as reading pals. I love books as I have a disease throughout my body and swells many parts of my body so I am homebound exc. when hubby takes me out or my friend on Wed nights. So my pups go on my lap and i read most of the day and night that is how i get thru the days. I had a wonderful job that I could of moved up in and was so mad at first when they told me due to the disease and the meds needed to take i couldn’t drive nor work any more so i started reading and reviewing books which i could do from my house even if the pain was bad i could do it on good days. That is why I depend on reading and love it when authors send me books to read and review . I love the authors for writing and give back by posting reviews on diff sites.

  20. Posted by Carole Swinford Reply

    Linda, I am excited about the next books in the Fleur-de-lis series. Can’t wait to read Brides and the others. You have really made the characters come to life. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving season.

  21. Posted by Taylor Anne Reply

    Hi! I love books because they take me places I’ve never been. The stories, settings, and characters take me away from day to day struggles and give me a glimpse of light. This applies whether I’m writing or reading.

  22. Posted by Rachael Brown Reply

    I love books because there are endless possibilities. I enjoy reading a variety of genres and love that each author has a different writing style. I love reading about the journey of the hero and heroine as they find their happily ever after.

  23. Posted by yaritza Reply

    I love books because it takes you away from reality to a world that at times bring peace and love. But if you read mystery or horror it brings you fear and a thrill.

  24. Posted by Maureen McKenzie Reply

    I love books because I get to immerse myself in the lives of the characters and am totally fascinated and impressed with the talent level of authors. Can’t wait to see you again in Biloxi.

  25. Posted by Valerie Rogers Reply

    I love your books! And what an awesome giveaway! Can’t wait for your new books! Thanks for this opportunity!

  26. Posted by Kim Reid Reply

    Reading has always been a stress reliever for me!

  27. Posted by Kai W. Reply

    Books are my means of escaping from a tough day and my source of entertainment.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      I totally agree.

      Happy Reading!

  28. Posted by LeAnn Reply

    I love that books take me away from our every day lives! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!!!

  29. Posted by Mary Preston Reply

    Books are the ultimate escape. I was lucky to grow up in a household full of readers and books.

  30. Posted by Angela Daffern Reply

    I love the escape from reality that books provide.

  31. Posted by Terry Trahan Reply

    My love of books feels like it has been a lifetime. As a little girl, I remember my mother and grandmother reading all the time. Once I was able to read, I devoured many books. I would spend hours in the library looking for the ‘perfect’ book. Reading takes me into a heavenly realm of bliss. Being able to read actually calms me down during times of trouble and turmoil. I escape into the stories, imagining myself as the heroine! Thanks to you and so many other authors, I have had many hours of reading!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      I feel your passion for books. When I first learned to read, it felt liberating, like I’d cracked a code into the adult word. (Kind of like learning words so you know what you’re parents were spelling between them hoping you wouldn’t understand. LOL.)

      Happy Reading!

  32. Posted by Trish Leger Reply

    Great Newsletter, Linda~~ 🙂

    Many hugs!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      Thanks so much!
      And lots of HUGS sent to you.

      🙂 Linda

  33. Posted by Cindy Reifel Reply

    I love books because they take me away from the real world to anywhere I would like to be. It’s the best way to travel, no packing, no money, no strange food or water and no walking. I can just imagine. I can also live vicariously through the myriad of characters I read about!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      I agree. Books are the best way to travel…traveling these days is exhausting.

      Happy Reading,

  34. Posted by TeresabRuss Reply

    I love reading books because they can take you to places that you may never get to visit in person. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I love the pink coach bag.

  35. Posted by Beth Ann Tilley Reply

    Thank you for the cover reveal of Branna and the wonderful giveaway.

  36. Posted by Kathleen Beale Reply

    I love to read books because they are a form of relaxation and reliever of everyday stress. Gives you the ability to meet very interesting characters and the situations they face.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply

      Please share with me why you love books.

      Linda Joyce

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply




  37. Posted by Shirley Cochran Reply

    Books take me away to somewhere else and others lives so that is why I read.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      Your comment made me think of this song. I had to look it up… but here it is in an abbreviated form:
      “Never Been To Spain” Three Dog Night

      Well, I’ve never been to Spain
      But I kinda like the music

      Well, I’ve never been to England

      Well, I headed for Las Vegas
      Only made it out to Needles

      Well, I’ve never been to heaven
      But I’ve been to Oklahoma
      Oh, they tell me I was born there
      But I really don’t remember

      In Oklahoma, not Arizona
      What does it matter?
      What does it matter?

      Happy Reading!

  38. Posted by LINDA B Reply


  39. Posted by Linda Herold Reply

    Happy Fall, Linda! I love books and now that I have retired from teaching, I actually have time to read what I want!!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      From one Linda to another, I so know what you mean about reading what you want. You go, girl!


  40. Posted by Joy S Reply

    I love books because they take you to another place, & they allow you to use your imagination. They can be taken anywhere, & you never need to worry about the battery dying, or finding an outlet for your charger.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      Great comment about the battery. I love books because every once in a great while, I like to soak in a bubble bath and read. Yes, I’ve dropped a book or two in the water, BUT they dry out. Not so much with my Kindle.


  41. Posted by Theresa N Reply

    I love reading because I love the characters and whats going on in their lives.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      There have been times when my husband has said to me, “I can’ wait for you to finish reading that book!” I get really involved with characters from each book I read.

      Happy Reading!

  42. Posted by Sabrina Joy Reply

    I love books for so many reasons. I mean, first and foremost, I love books for the excitement and the thrill of them – romance, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, erotic, contemporary, etc. It feels so good to me when I get so immersed, absorbed, and invested in a book. And I always get a sense of accomplishment along with satisfaction after finishing a good book which just feels great to me and makes me want to continue on, especially if it’s one of those reading challenges. I get that awesome ‘I did it!’ feeling and it’s just all a matter of good fun to me. I get a good story and sometimes I gain more knowledge in the process, and in the end, I just feel awesome about everything. And then I also love books because they’ve helped me cope with a lot of things – they were my home away from home, my safety zone, my comfort, and part of my coping process whenever I had troubles and when I faced the worst times of my life. Books are just so many things for me, and the feelings I get from books and from reading are good for me and that’s why I love them.

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt words. Eloisa James said, “Romance teaches us about life.” I wholeheartedly agree.

      Happy Reading!
      Linda Joyce

  43. Posted by Colleen C. Reply

    I love books for their journeys to HEAs… seeing all different types of characters and what it takes for them to find happiness. The best books touch my emotions!

    • Posted by Linda Joyce Reply


      Thank you so much for letting me know.


  44. Posted by Karen Giasson Reply

    I love books because they take you away to different places. I love to immerse myself into a good book.

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