Celebrating the release BILOXI: Fleur de Lis Brides Book 2

BILOXI: Fleur de Lis Brides Book 2.

Catch up with Biloxi Dutrey and Nicholas Trahan from Bayou Bound…. For Fleur de Lis Brides, the path to the altar is rarely smooth. perf5.000x8.000.indd

Biloxi Dutrey is finally getting married. She’s found forever love, and she’ll host the finest reception at fully restored Fleur de Lis. Everything is set—until only days before when her fiancé, Nick Trahan, demands last minute changes. Biloxi panics, fearing his decisions will revive the old Dutrey-Trahan family feud and ruin their future.

While Nick wants Biloxi to have a drama-free wedding, he insists his estranged father replace her brother as his best man. He’s also adding one more to the guest list—his long-lost mother sharing a shocking revelation. After all, every family wedding photo needs both sets of parents.

To get to the altar, Biloxi and Nick face a battle where the family loyalty lines are murky. Will they ever say “I do” and have a true happily ever after?

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“Open it!”

Slicing through the paper with a letter opener, Biloxi shuddered at the sound. She paused and glanced at Greta. Once opened and the contents read, she couldn’t go back. Pulling the paper from the envelope, she stopped. “No,” she said, “you read it.”

“It’s not addressed to me. Go on,” Greta urged.

Apprehension rippled at an increasing tempo inside her. “I don’t know…Maybe I should wait for Nick. Wait and read this with him. He’s the Trahan in the equation.”

“Quit stalling.” Greta stared down her nose. “Go on.”

After taking a deep breath and letting it go, she began to read:

Dear Miss Biloxi,

Please pardon my familiarity, however, based upon the engagement announcement I read in the Times-Picayune last August, I believe you’re now married to my son. I’ve waited as long as my patience would permit. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Catherine Trahan. I am still legally married to Nicholas’s father.

I am reaching out to you, asking with desperation for your help. I throw myself on your mercy, one woman to another. I want to see my son. I’m sick. Cancer. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not imminently at death’s door, but the illness has made me face my failings and past sins.

My greatest regret in life is allowing someone to take Nicholas from me. I have made amends as best as I’ve been able for my past, except to my son. I do not seek to intrude, but if you would help me reconnect with him, it would bring me great peace if the eventuality comes.

After living for years abroad, and assuming a different name, I have returned to New Orleans. I now reside on Royal Street. I would be ever so grateful if you’d consider meeting me for coffee and allowing me a chance to explain, with the hopes that you will aid me in setting up a meeting to once again see my son face to face. You may contact me through Chantel Gilbeau.

Your humble servant,

Aurélie Dubois, aka Cat Trahan.

“What!” Biloxi’s hands shook. “Is the woman crazy? Nick doesn’t need anyone’s help to meet his mother. But of all people, Chantel. No!”

“What are you going to do?” Greta asked, shaking her head.

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